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The last 28 years as a member of the Sheriff’s Office has afforded me a rewarding career.  I cannot imagine myself doing anything else but safeguarding the public. 

At every step of this journey, I rose to the challenges of being a guardian of our communities and our citizens.  I have conducted, participated in, and supervised many critical incidents in my career here.  I have never been questioned as to the integrity of my work, nor have I been disciplined.  I have excelled as a public safety professional in Wayne County.  I do not preach public safety, I practice it. 

I believe in law and order and I believe in protecting your constitutional rights, all of them.  I hold high standards for myself and expect nothing less from our staff.   I am known for holding people accountable for their actions; not just our employees, but those who commit offenses against our citizens, our guests, or our property.  I plan to be no different as your Sheriff. 

Under my watch, all citizens will be treated fairly, with impartiality and respect.  I am not afraid to have tough conversations with our community leaders, and look forward to getting to the table to address concerns.  Inclusion is how we move forward.  I am familiar with the budget process, the unions and the collective bargaining process, and I am eager to carry out those administrative duties with passion and fairness.     

I ask you all, that if you are undetermined in your vote for your Candidate for the Office of Sheriff, that you do your homework.  Research….talk to those who know me and have worked with me in this career.  Read the endorsements of those who know how I approach public safety.  Compare experience.  Experience matters.  I have the practical knowledge and application of experience; both in the field and at the supervisory level.  I know the stakeholders within our county who sit at the table and I have the best interests of all of our citizens in mind.  We move forward by working together.  We have an excellent, well documented, and professional public safety organization.  We will continue to serve the public with pride, integrity and the courage that is needed in this profession. 

I have a vested interest in this.  I raised my family here, and have faithfully served the citizens who live, work and pass-through Wayne County.  I wish to continue to do the same as your Sheriff.  Be well.

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