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This page features my positions on a few of the topics that are relevant to our community. A brief synopsis of each position is listed below, and you can click through to see additional information.

Our Children

Of utmost importance to me, is our children.  They are our most valuable and our most vulnerable population.  We must defend them in the present, for they are our future.   Read More

Victims and Offenders

Is it just me, or does it seem that some in our government has forgotten about our vicitims? Read More

Mental Health

Mental Health is often spoken of as we move forward with police reform meetings. There are concerns raised about police and their contact with victims of mental health crises. Steps have been taken to train officers in Crisis Intervention.  That training is significant.

Read More

Community Interaction and Service

As your Sheriff, I will introduce you to our Road Patrol Deputies.  You will get to know who is protecting your loved ones that are housed in our correctional facility.  You will get to know who is staffing our courthouses. 
Read More

Accountability and Recognition

I am sure that no one can disagree with me when I say that being a public safety servant is no easy task and that, currently, it is an even tougher time to be a police officer.   Read More


The Sheriff’s Office is an accredited agency, which is a difficult certification to acquire, and in 2022 and 2023, we were reaccredited in Court Security, the Jail, Road Patrol and our Civil Office.  Accreditation marks an agency as rising above and beyond the pinnacle of professional standards.  Only 29 percent of Law Enforcement agencies in New York have achieved this.  Our Sheriff's Office was one of the first 4.  Read More

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