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Community Interaction and Service

The men and women who provide us with public safety will be known.  

It is basic human instinct to begin to trust those that you have met and have spoken to, to feel that you have a connection with......and improvement in trust with law enforcement and all of public safety can start with something as simple as an introduction.  Most of the police reform initiative comments that I have heard are due to a lack of familiarity with the duties of our public servants.  Some of that unknown is being addressed now with our reform initiatives.  Building a positive relationship with the community, one where you know those who serve at the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and one in which there is an open line of communication, will be built through the following initiatives:

  • I will maintain the practice of advising the public. through social media and through traditional media, the service and programs that the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is providing. The door of the Sheriff’s Office will be open to all residents. Citizens need to be heard, and I will listen. I may not always be able to give the response that is desired, but I can assure you that I will listen. Keeping the lines of communication open between the public and the Sheriff’s Office will be a priority.

  • Efficiency in information sharing for public safety is paramount.  We will heighten our inner office communication to better serve our community.

  • There will be the establishment of a Deputy of the Year, Correction Officer of the Year, and Employee of the Year recognition program to assist the community in becoming positively engaged with our guardians.  In a time where law enforcement has become looked upon less favorably in the public eye, due to the actions of the few, it is imperative that a leader combats that sentiment with a realistic depiction of what the majority of law enforcement is deserving to be acknowledged for. 

  • Deputies that keep your loved ones safe will be seen at your local events, so that you can engage with them on a level other than one that requires a report, or a law enforcement interaction.

  • I will work to keep those Deputies that live in your community, engaged in that community that they have a vested interest in safeguarding.  Naturally, we all have stronger ties with those we live close to, know and work with on a regular basis.   

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